Kids – Skip University and join an accounting firm instead?

Accountancy Age reports today that PWC received 800 applications for 60 posts in the firms A-level recruitment intake (up 25%). The bright young things will be paid between £16,000 and £20,000 – enough to buy a dark blue suit or two.

For those intent on climbing the slippery career pole then this is a sound move.  No student debt, less chance of getting an ill advised on-campus piercing or tattoo, and a chance to get a 4 year head start on those who make the Uni choice.

Smaller accounting firms (such as ours) prefer to recruit on the basis on experience, life skills, and a decent cv.  So, er take more of a safer option than taking on a good grade school leaver.  Well done to PWC for increasing their intake in these troubled times.

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