Reach for the Clouds – We’re now a Xero Silver Partner

At One Accounting we are proud to announce that we have now been elevated to Silver Partner status with the, ‘world’s easiest accounting system’, – Xero.

Xero Silver Partner

In the past 18 months accounting software has taken a giant leap towards making it easier, cheaper and stress free to organise your books and keep good accounting records. This is helped, in no small part, by the emergence of Cloud Computing. The idea of Cloud Computing centres around the idea of everything being hosted online without the need for expensive software and having to back up your data. Gone are the days of having to send your accountant a disc with your records. Instead, your accountant can log on to your account and get real time information as and when they need it.

With this emergence in mind we at One Accounting have embraced this change and are now reaping the benefits. We are able to spend more face to face time improving our clients businesses, rather than chasing up information and data processing. We took the decision to become a certified provider with a little trepidation but have not looked back since. We have added a great deal of new clients and have converted existing clients onto online accounting packages and our elevation to Xero Silver Partner Status has been the icing on the cake.

What is Xero?

Xero is an easy to use but powerful online accounting system that’s designed specifically for small businesses.

You don’t have to worry about the privacy and security as your data is taken care of and is stored on Xero’s secure servers, where it’s backed up regularly. This means even if your computer is lost or stolen your data will always be safe.

Xero automatically imports your bank statements daily so you can keep abreast of your cash flow. Xero has a full suite of accounting features such as invoicing, payables, expense claims, VAT, tax returns, reporting and much more.

The beauty of Xero is you can invite a number of trusted people such as us, your accountants, to collaborate online. No more cumbersome transfer of data that can be corrupted or is out-of-date.

To find out more go to where you can trail Xero for free.

How we can help

We can bundle our services into a package that includes the Xero software for a regular fixed price. This will help you better manage your cashflow because there won’t be any surprises or big bills come year-end. Our partnership with Xero makes this value-added service possible. Click here to find out more – and reach for the cloud!

2 responses to “Reach for the Clouds – We’re now a Xero Silver Partner

  1. Great to have you as part of the family, thanks for your support.

  2. Thanks Gary next stop; Gold!

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