Email Marketing

One of the challenges I face as the marketing person on staff is presenting tax and accountancy information in a way that encourages our clients to take a closer look. Let’s just say that I fully understand that “tax info” sounds a bit dry and doesn’t leave you dying to know more.

We send out a monthly email newsletter with a quick update about what we’re up  to and links to tax articles that are often quite useful. Because we use a lovely online program developed by the ever fantastic 39 Steps, I can track the number of people who open that email and the number that click on the links directed to our tax articles.  Those numbers are historically quite reasonable but I know there is plenty of room for improvement, I just wasn’t entirely sure how.

I signed up for an email marketing webinar that Attacat presented a month or two ago and nervously volunteered our little newsletter to be used as a sample. Kiril and David went over a ton of useful information during the hour long session, and using our sample, I got a few tips about what I could change to increase our click through rate. I have to admit that I have only found time to implement the most basic changes but even still our last newsletter saw a massive increase in both the number of people who opened it as well as those who click on at least one of the links. In fact, we nearly doubled the number of click throughs.

Part of the reason I’m blogging about this is that David and Kiril are the guest speakers at this month’s New Media Breakfast. Based on my experience, I’d highly recommend attending if you’re wanting to launch or improve your email marketing program. I try to get to the New Media Breakfasts whenever I can and often find them inspiring but this month will definitely be a good one.


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