What Can FreeAgent do for Your Business?

We’re holding another event this month aimed at helping our clients and friends learn more about different tools that can help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently. This time the event is about FreeAgent – an award winning online accounting system for small to medium sized business. I could write a whole post on the features and benefits of using FreeAgent but I thought it would be more interesting to ask a few people in the office to list their 3 favourite things:

1. The response times to support enquiries from the FA team is excellent. There is also a great network of support from the actual freeagent users via the “Get Satisfaction” site.
2. We’ve found FA to be very user friendly for even the most technically inexperienced client.
3. The tax timeline allows the client to see when the next VAT, PAYE and corporation tax payments are due, and also provides a very accurate estimate of the tax due.

1. Easy to fix mistakes.
2. Tax estimates as you go through the year.
3. We access the same data as the client, so no going back and forward with files.

1. Very easy to navigate around
2. No complicated accountancy jargon or processes
3. It’s very visual so all transactions are clear and easy to trace back

You can see a bit of theme in the answers. FreeAgent is an incredibly user-friendly system which both our clients and our accountants appreciate.

The event is going to be held right at FreeAgent HQ so you can come out and meet a few of the people behind the software and ask them in person how FreeAgent works. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about one of our favourite accounting systems!

Event info:
Date: Thursday 29th March, 2012
Time: 4:30pm – 6pm
Address: 40 Torphichen Street EH3 8JB To
RSVP, click here!

Book soon! Space will be limited!

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