Preparing for P11d’s – Free Webinar

p11d inage


The preparation and submission of annual P11d’s is an important part of business compliance with HMRC, but is an area that is little understood by business owners. You should ignore this important subject at your peril, as the HMRC fines for non submission or errors on P11d’s can run into hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.
If you want to find out more, join us to our second webinar on Wednesday 13th March at 10.30 am

In this 20 minute webinar presented by Chris Thomas we will cover:

·  The basics of what a P11d actually is and the deadlines for submission
·  Do you need to submit one?
·  What should (and should not) be disclosed on a P11d
·  How you can avoid the need for a P11d with HMRC approval
·  The fines for getting it wrong
·  How your accountant can help you with the whole process

To Attend the Seminar please follow the link below, 5 minutes before it starts.

Please feel free to invite as many colleagues as you would like by sending them the above link.

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