Scottish (Mock) Referendum Result!

IMG_20140916_104204We held our own mock Independence Referendum in the office today. Chris splashed out on a teapot and we had some fantastic cupcakes delivered by Cuckoos Bakery.

We are a pretty diverse bunch with our team of 10 coming from Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Greece and New Zealand. So, we thought that we would be a good barometer as to how Thursday’s vote will go.

One Accounting team photo September 2014Tensions rose as the ballot papers were handed out. We had three options to choose from; “Yes”, “No” and “Don’t Know” for good measure. One by one we entered the special polling booth to cast our vote. A quick team photo and then Maria opened the ballot box to count the votes. They were……

5 x YES

5 x NO

So, five votes for each side! This confirms that the referendum vote is too close to call.  Let’s just hope we don’t have another dead heat on Thursday!

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