After the Vote – What it means for Small Businesses

Special Referendum Webinar
Monday 22nd of September 2014, 10.30 am -11 am 

After the vote jpeg


The Referendum debate is gripping the whole of the UK as we edge ever closer to the vote on Thursday 18th September. Will a ‘Yes’ vote see Scotland leaving the UK for good, or will a ‘No’ vote retain our country in the Union with the prospect of more powers devolved from Westminster?

We are running a special post-vote Webinar on Monday 22nd September at 10.30am. Put simply, we will be explaining what the result will mean for business owners across Scotland and the rest of the UK. The content will of course depend on what the nation has decided, but rest assured we’ll be giving you a balanced of view of what we think will happen next.

To attend the webinar please register here

If you have any questions concerning the webinar please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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