“Does goal-setting work?”

1Readers of this blog will know how that I’m a fan of personal development books.

A huge section of these are focused on setting personal and business goals, and then using an array of actions, strategies and habits to achieve these goals. All good stuff.  I am sure that part of the success of One Accounting and working with some great clients has come from setting goals about what we wanted to achieve as a business.

However, something happened at our team Christmas party which made me realise that the unique things in life are mainly unplanned. And that memorable things happen more when they are not on your goals list.

We always have a quiz at the party, where each of us has to answer about 15 questions about ourselves. Someone then puts it into a pub quiz format and then the fun starts once we’ve had dessert.

One of this years’ questions was:

“Tell us something that you’ve done this year that you’ve never done before”.

So, I have collated all of the answers below. No names to protect the innocent….

  • Followed the World Cup
  • Gave birth
  • Broke my nose
  • Gone Abseiling
  • Made a Christmas wreath
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Worn gloves in a running race
  • Had a CD of my old band released
  • Turned down a cooked breakfast
  • Gone to a College Football game

So, with one or two exceptions, the memorable “first times” were done with very little planning or preparation (or in the case of the broken nose, no warning whatsoever!).

Here are some more blog posts on why setting goals may not work.

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– Why goal setting doesn’t work

Tell us what you think by adding a comment below or adding your vote to the question “Does goal-setting work?”

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