Changes to corporation tax notices

As a cost-cutting exercise, with effect from 19 September 2016 HMRC has decided to stop sending out paper copies of the following letters and information:

  • acknowledgment of receipt of a corporation tax return (CT620 ACK)
  • letter showing the key corporation tax filing and payment dates (CT610/CT610A)
  • Budget insert which shows the changes to corporation tax following the Budget and is usually issued with the notice to deliver a company tax return – this will be made available online instead
  • authorising your agent form (64-8) which used to be issued with the “Information for new companies letter” (Form CT41G)
  • filing reminder letters which used to be issued 28 days before the return due date
  • notes issued with corporation tax return
  • various other corporation tax forms such as the notice of amendment to a return.

Companies and agents are now expected to check the CT Online View Liabilities and Payments to see their return details.

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